Watch the pupils dilate

Your thoughts be clouded when you inhale that vape

You can’t wipe the grin off your face

Alleviate the pain my mind sedate

Class stays back late

Nails down the chalkboard add to my nauseam waves

Come to my Beck and call yodel Odelay

Why don’t you kill me ‘cos I’m a Loser baby

I’m not cut from that bolt of fabricate

Let me show you the tricks of the rag-trade

Don’t bake me in the shape of a cookie-cutter playmate

I’m not made from Polyester Polymate

We can do better than Recycle and Regurgitate

Should’ve seen the warning signs but I’m no Ace of Bass

I’ll take your heart out at the checkout with a stake

Won’t do what you told me Killin’ in the Name

Against the Machine we Rage

But in whose name do we slay?

The Renegade was a funky ball of tits from outer space

There’s been a downstairs mixup but not in the way of Old Greg

Parliament and the Funkadelic will win the senate

Your politickin’ makes me want to escape the Presidentielle race

Up Trumps you’re as transparent as Donald’s toupé

If he wins there be hell to pay

When you alienate everyone aside from stupid white males

Again and again I’m ashamed of my pigment

Quit playing this race game

Ensure the facts remain straight

Then again maybe we should go gay

The pontification of the Papal state ensured

Your faith was laid to waste

You’d better interlace you hands and pray

Let’s call it an even break

I’ll give you 27 hours to amputate

Pull the pin your King Pin will abdicate

Avert this Missile Crisis keep the Pigs at Bay

F*ck Tha Police N.W.A

By the time you read this I’ll be miles away

Practicing Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

You’ll find me traversing the Americas channeling El Ché

Sub-Comandante Marcos stands tall as Head of Chiapas State

I’m not saying we should revert to a Communist State

History paved the way there remains no place for the Red Brigade

From beyond the valley of the shadow of death

You’ll see my soulshine like sunrays

And as these words proclaim

Our heartbeats will begin again to syncopate

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