Velociraptorepitaph (Part 3)

Leave me be

I had you on repeat

To the point where the only option was to delete

Now these opposite sonnnets I spit are on fleek

Self-contained but the container is empty

I ain’t got time for you to buffer your stream

My cup runneth over like Archimedes

Don’t alienate my inalienable right to be

I clearly didn’t hear the alarm bells ring

I see fault in for whom the bell tolls ‘cos your baby doll ain’t me

You called me Extraordinary with a capital E

But I was the one who chose to leave

And history repeats there’s no end to this pipe dream

Lightning sparks on this joint Like Larry’s Flint

I’ll no longer play the pawn to your King

There’s nowhere left dig

Straight down to Bedrock with the Stones and Flint

Stooped so low we broke the Lambada Stick

Treat ’em mean keep ’em keen

Your ball bearings fell through the slats of my Pinball Machine

Go get a lucky shiner on your circular bling

I’m like a tightly coiled spring

This Jill in the Box gon’ jump back in the ring

Not to fight this time but to sing

Bird of paradise takes flight breaks out of prison

Desiderata taught me to be

Gentle with myself beyond a wholesome discipline

Maybe from my book you could take a leaf?

I don’t want to be your enemy

But I’m a sea anemone

Poke me and I’ll shrink into the sea

Si estoy en Lamar me llamas Lucy?

Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter

Proceed with caution afore you jump in with a Jamaican crustacean

You might catch Crabs if you swim in the Caribbean Ocean

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