Web5 is expected to replace web3. The purpose of web5 is to give users more control and ownership over their personal information and data on the Internet. The web5 team have launched a token and are currently airdropping to early adopters. The airdropped tokens are currently worth about $7.5.

How To Join
- Visit the following link: Web5 Wallet Platform
- Register a wallet account
- Instantly receive your airdrop in your wallet.



This is a mobile app that lets you rate movies, pictures, locations, etc and pays you in crypto for your ratings.

The project token is called $RATE and will soon be launched on exchanges.

How To Join
- Visit the following link: Yoorbit Link
- Download the app
- Register using your Google or Facebook account.
- Fill in your profile information (Name, User name)
- Specify the activation code: b7bcff
- Complete registration and instantly receive your $5 worth of $RATE tokens.

You can post, rate, comment and like posts to earn more $RATE tokens.
Remember to configure your web3 wallet that you will use to withdraw your tokens in the profile section of the app.

Remember to use the activation code: b7bcff during registration



Pixie is a social app where you can post pictures,videos and NFTs. You earn PIX tokens when you post, like or repost content on the platform.

Join the platform using the following link: Pixie Sign Up

After successful sign up, go to your profile section and complete the beginner tasks. Once you have completed the tasks you will be given 500 PIX tokens.

Note: Use the same email address when registering and creating your account on any of the Pixie platforms.

Note: If you don’t sign using the link, you will not get the reward.

Pixie token is already listed on Exchanges.

Join Here