The Definition of Friendship

Think of the last time you needed someone to talk to. You wanted to get all the little things that had been building up inside of you out before you went completely insane. Think of the last time you were about to burst into tears and then think of who you went to for help. The person that you go to at your lowest point is who I’d consider a true friend.

It is said that by the time you’re an adult you can count the number of true friends you have on one hand, and I believe that’s true. Friendship is a lot of different things, to the dictionary it’s “the state of being a friend,” but in reality it’s so much more. True friendship is actually quite rare because although you can have tons of friends, there are only a few that stick with you through it all and actually put effort into keeping you in their life. You may get along with a lot of different people, and you talk to them when you’re alone in a certain class, but I don’t think you could consider this a friendship. I think those would be more like acquaintances. I think an actual friendship is the people whom you tell all your dumb little stories to, and they listen because you’d do the same for them. They’re the people that you can say rude sarcastic comments to and they just say them right back because you know you love each other.

To me, friendship is the nights you’re at your friend’s house and you’re trying to fall asleep but you can’t stop talking. You’re laying in bed, the lights are off, you close your eyes, but then someone says something funny and you’re both laughing so hard you can’t stop. Before you know it, you’ve spent the past hour sharing weird stories, making fun of one another, gossiping, and possibly just laughing with no words being said at all. Then it’s so late you suddenly stop talking because you can’t stay awake anymore and the next morning you realize that you weren’t really saying anything that funny after all. Friendship is the days you feel like going on short road trips together. You get in the car and drive somewhere 45 minutes away for really no reason at all except to do something. While you’re driving, you’re listening to your music really loud, and spending the 45 minutes screaming the lyrics to the songs playing. It is moments like that, when you’re in the car or when you’re just with your friend laughing for no reason, that you wish you could just freeze it and keep that moment forever because those are the moments when you are the happiest.

You know when you have a true friendship because your friend won’t be scared to tell you the truth about anything. If you make a mistake they’ll tell you bluntly what you did wrong and how you can fix it. They don’t do this to hurt you, they do this to let you know they’ll always be there to help you, even when you mess up. I think friendships like this are important for everyone to have, because they show you that you’re not alone and that you are important to someone. Everyone needs at least one friend like this because no matter how strong you are, you can’t do everything alone.

Friendship is a lot of different things, it’s things as simple as just hanging out doing nothing at all but having the best time of your life. How you define friendship could be different based on the memories that you share with your best friend. Maybe to you friendship isn’t as important as it is to me. To me though, friendship is the most important thing in the world because I couldn’t make it without them.

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