“A Better Super Bowl”- Why Hyundai Had the Best Super Bowl Commercial

I love Super Bowl commercials. To me, they are one of the best parts about watching the Super Bowl, especially if you don’t really like either team that is playing (which was the case for me this year). There were some pretty good commercials this year, but my favorite didn’t actually air during the Super Bowl- it was after the Super Bowl ended. It was the Hyundai commercial titled, “A Better Super Bowl” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7n-GxJBw1k). The commercial was actually filmed just hours before at a U.S Military Base in Sagan, Poland. The commercial started out with the statement, “Millions of people just watched the Super Bowl,” and then the next screens said, “Which wouldn’t be possible without our troops,” and lastly, “That’s why Hyundai made their Super Bowl a little better” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7n-GxJBw1k). It then showed a giant room with tons of U.S soldiers sitting and watching the Super Bowl on a big screen. They then pulled three soldiers from the crowd, one by one, and we heard from each person who they were missing back home (all of them had a kid and husband/wife back home). Each soldier walked into a circular room and sat them on a swivel stool in the middle of the room. The screen was blank at first, and then the Super Bowl game popped up. They were watching the game through a Skype sort of set up, and their families and kids were “sitting” next to them (or the video screen).

This is one of the soldiers, getting to see her son and husband. Each soldier was really surprised, and it was so amazing to see the emotions each soldier and their families had. They got to sit and watch the Super Bowl with their family, like most people get to do.

Here is a snippet of the commercial where they show each of the three soldiers enjoying the game with their families who are at the Super Bowl. The commercial then ended by saying, “Better drives us. Hyundai” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7n-GxJBw1k).

I thought this commercial was super creative. The fact that they had this idea planned and the commercial spot set up before they even had the commercial made or even filmed blows my mind. The idea itself, inviting families of soldiers to the Super Bowl and then the soldiers getting to watch the game through a Skype video with them, is so interesting. I think that is a very attention grabbing idea and it’s really cool. It is kind of weird to think about this being a Hyundai commercial, because there is absolutely no cars involved in the video. But that was the point of the commercial. They weren’t trying to “sell us” their cars, they were selling their image, and the image of America. When I saw the commercial live it brought me to tears. I think everyone has a special place in their hearts for people serving overseas and away from their families. “Soldier homecoming” videos pop up on Twitter and Facebook from time to time, and they are always super popular and get a ton of reactions from people. I was so moved by the moment and how amazing of a set up Hyundai had put on. Now thinking back on it, this was probably what they were going for. They wanted a memorable, heartfelt moment for people to watch and remember that THEY put that together. I know it worked on me.

I think that one of the images/ideas that Hyundai was getting at was being grateful. They were trying to make soldiers Super Bowls, “a little bit better”, and their ending remark was that, “Better drives us.” The commercial reminded us that while we were watching the game, having big parties and eating tons of food with our friends and families, there were people out their defending our country and sacrificing so we can enjoy our freedoms. Hyundai bringing this to our attention made people appreciate what we have, and also be grateful to Hyundai for reminding us that. I also think that this commercial promoted unity. During a time of “butting heads” between parties, I think we could all appreciate our armed forces and people who protect our country for a living. Hyundai did a great job of giving the Super Bowl viewers a meaningful commercial and message that would leave an impact on us long after the Super Bowl was over.

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