I’ve been always wondering why it turned out this way ?
Why you did this to me ?
If only you’d say you want me
You’d day that you didn’t forget me , you don’t want to forget me , i’d run to you
I’d leave everything and come to you
You’d be the only person i’ll talk to 
Because everyone will hate me when i’ll be back with you 
And i’ll be your girl forever and always 
I won’t stop loving you bcause i know you’re waiting for me the way i do
If only you didn’t make me feel like it’s the end for you 
I’d love you ,love you, love you and keep overdosing you
If you didn’t said that we should move on that it’s the end , i’d never end up this way 
But you let me go , and i’m tired of wanting someone who no longer want me 
I’m tired of not wanting to forget 
And i’m done 
To the one and only person i love 
I’m done and i’m not regretting my decision
I’ve been always caring for people way too much i forgot myself 
I did harm myself because i diedn for your look , your talk and you talking to me 
I destroyed myself by not wanting to forget 
Because it wasn’t the end for me 
I tought i’d sound pathetic if i told you it’s not the end for me 
Not knowing that i’m more pathetic acting like i’m over it when i’m not 
Thank you for giving me the feeling of love 
For givinge me the best time of my life
To my first love
 Thank you 
I’m still not healed but i’m moving on 
I won’t forget the way you made me feel 
I’m just getting better 


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