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If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is to be said about an emoticon and a gif? As more and more people choose to communicate digitally, finding ways to express their feelings is always changing. Emoticons can be a great medium. Small, fast, and easily accessible, millions are sent over text, social media, and emails each day. Choosing the right emoticon can help people express their true meaning of their message. A simple smiley face after a comment can support a sarcastic claim or a meaningless joke. Emoticons are also efficient. Instead of typing out and spelling a word or feeling, why not just choose one that does it for you.

Although gifs have not been around as long and are not as widely used, the people using them love them. Gifs can carry a lot of meaning and help the senders relate to their receiver in a more meaningful and powerful way. Because there are so many different ways to creates, store, find, and save gifs, people have an endless supply to shape and empower their digital conversations. An inside joke from a favorite movie can easily be sent to a friend. A clip from a favorite music video can be sent as a reminder from old times. Choosing the right gif has become a form of art and digital communication channels have become the canvas. The question is where do artist select their colors and their styles?

Emogif allows users to add their favorite links to the mobile app which acts as a library of emotional evoking content. Reviews of the app seem to support this claim. With the average rating for both Android and Apple being over 4.75 out of 5 stars, it appears that it is great tool for people to communicate with gifs. If a picture is worth a thousand words than a gifs potential to tell a story is ever increasing. More and more gifs are added to the library every month. Emogif allows users to save their favorite gifs for even faster response time.

Based on frequency of use it looks like emoticons have an advantage over gifs but as faster mobile communications appear, more and more people are looking for new ways to express their emotions. Being different is important and given the number of gifs available, there seems to be a great opportunity for people to stand out. No matter what colors artist choose, how they are used will determine their success.

Emogif is a mobile app that categorizing different emotions and allowing easy copy and paste options allows people to quickly select a gif that carries the most meaning. Download Emogif App in your android Android http://goo.gl/L62orP for iPhone http://goo.gl/84O3yC

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