A good friend of mine asked whether he should join a coding bootcamp to become a web developer. I didn’t reject the idea (I’m a little biased). At face value, the prospects are awesome (i.e. high employment rate, high salary). But a coding bootcamp is a huge investment. It requires a significant commitment of time and money. I’m not going to persuade you to code. But I will suggest how to know if you want to.

This guide is actually an excerpt of an e-mail I shared with him.

IMHO the best way is to start coding.

This particular guide suggests courses that require minimal time and money…

In April of 2019, I was looking for a replacement for my old Bose earbuds. They had great sound quality but weren’t wireless. What I liked about those were that you could actually hear bass. At the time, they cost over $100.00 so I wasn’t looking for an absolute substitute. Instead, I opted for something less than $50 that still had good sound quality. Honestly, I only listen to them on my commute to work (5 days a week) and when I work out (definitely not 5 days a week). …


  • to provide a brief overview and quick start on implementing interfaces
  • to leave you understanding why interfaces can be useful in your projects

Reader Requirement:

  • Basic JavaScript
  • Little to no knowledge required of TypeScript.
  • Just know that TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript (meaning TypeScript is valid JavaScript but with additional methods and functionality)


Ah yes, you’ve come across an interface in TypeScript. Maybe you’re using Angular or React, or maybe you want a piece of the small talk action the cool developers have (???). Whatever the reason, interfaces will probably come up and you’ll wonder three things:

  • What…

Eric Mok

Full Stack Web Developer

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