Knight War : Earn Money From Gaming

Table of contents

  • What is Knight War
  • Knight War weapons
  • Characters in the game
  • Tokens used in Knight War
  • Reasons to play Knight War
  • Knight War NFT Market place
  • Important links and social media links

What is Knight War ?

Knight war is a game developed on Binance smart chain(BSC) and you can earn money from playing this game. In this game, you can build your own weapons to defend your castle and fight other players. Knight war will be a very popular game among all the gamers once they release it. This is an idle defense genre style game.

Why weapons are very important in Knight war ?

In Knight war game, weapons are more valuable than characters because this game has very rich and deep NFT weapon crafting system. If the weapon which you build is rare it will become more powerful. You can make the characters more stronger by equipping the weapons to them.

What are the types of the weapons in Knight War?

Any character can be equipped with any type of weapon but the character become more powerful if you choose the correct weapon.
Ex: Knights are the strongest with the swords, Archers are strongest with the bow and mages are with the magic staff.

Each weapon has 3 parts.

  • Sword : A Grip, a Guard, and a Blade
  • Bow : A Grip, a Limb, and an Arrow.
  • Staff : A Body, a Head, and a Core.

How do you craft your own NFT weapons ?

To craft a NFT weapon, first you should collect enough MRE tokens, KWS tokens, ingredients and recipes. Every NFT weapon is unique weapon and you can set a name for your weapons as you like.

What are the characters in Knight War ?

At the moment, players will have access to 3 types of characters. They are mighty knight, sharp archer and clever mage. The team is planning to develop more characters and add them to the game in future.

What are the tokens used in Knight War?

There are two tokens used in the game. It’s better to know these points about the tokens before you start playing the game.

  1. Knight War Spirits(KWS)
    KWS token is already listed in Pancake swap and exchanges. Click here to check more information about the exchanges. KWS is the eco system token and you can earn KWS by joining special events. (Ranking, World Boss Hunt, PvP Tournament).Please find technical details about the token below.
  • Name: KWS — Knight War Spirits
  • Protocol: BEP-20
  • Max Total Supply: 500,000,000
  • Initial Supply (KWS): 13,840,000
  • KWS Price at IDO (USDT): $0.035
  • Initial Market Cap: $484,400
  • Fully Diluted Cap: $17,500,000

2. Meteor Remnants Essence (MRE)
MRE is the game token and you can earn MRE token by playing multiplayer mode as well as playing single player mode. MRE token can be traded with other BEP 20 tokens make them real money. There is a limit for a player to earning MRE tokens per day to prevent inflation. Please find technical details about the token below.

  • Name: MRE — Meteor Remnants Essence
  • Protocol: BEP-20
  • Max Total Supply: Unlimited
  • MRE Listing: TBA
  • MRE Price at Game Launch (USDT): TBA
  • Initial Market Cap: TBA
  • Fully Diluted Cap: TBA

Why should you play Knight War game ?

  • You can stake KWS token and earn passive income from it.
  • The token which you earn by playing the game can be easily traded to real money.
  • You can build unique NFT tradable weapons when you have correct ingredients and recipes.
  • You don’t need to worry about loosing weapons because meta data of your most valuable weapons are stored on the blockchain with lifetime ownership.

Why Knight War NFT market place is better than other market places ?

Knight War NFT market place is still under development. Once it is finished you will get access to these features.

  • Gamers can trade their NFT weapons for cryptocurrencies.
  • You can trade NFT weapons using KWS, BUSD, USDT, BTC, ETH but most of the other NFT market places let you only trade using ETH.

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I hope you got a good idea about Knight War game. I hope everyone will join this game and have fun while earning money. Thanks for reading.

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