Vancouver emo 5-piece Red Letter releases one last EP and calls it quits

With the ink fresh on their on Tooth & Nail contract, Red Letter calls it quits.

Vancouver based band, Red Letter has decided they’re calling it quits. At a recent Promise Ring show where they were opening for the Milwaukee vets, vocalist/guitarist Jessi Nakles announced the inevitable split after a small argument with dummer Jay Bauman about the setlist. Putting it quite aggressively,

“Yeah, we’re finally fucking breaking up. Your stupid [forum] rumors are true. Play the god damn song, Jay.”

All of this is coming at awful timing as the band finally signed to Tooth & Nail records after what seemed to be years of hype and gradual success. They first came into the scene with the Half in the Bag EP in 2009, then following it up with a split EP with fellow Vancouverite Adam Johnston in 2010 and then putting out their first self-released LP Best of the Worst in 2012. They toured constantly in from 2012 to 2014 with the likes of Joyce Manor, The Get-Up Kids, Turnover, and Silverstein before embarking on a headlining tour in support of their 2015 album Plinkett. There have been rumors of their breakup that have popped up on their own website’s forums since 2015 after the band was seen getting into a literal fistfight outside of a venue in Austin during SXSW 2015. They since denied any rumors of a break up until now stating the fist fight was a “isolated situation” and “[were fueled by] drunken tour rage” but it seems now their fan’s suspicion were correct all along. They will play out the entire rest of the tour as planned, hitting the northeast US and playing the final show at Commodore Ballroom in their home town of Vancouver September 21st. Nakles has also since announced a new project with Jeremy Scott, most notable guitarist of Tennessee based indie folk group Cinema Sins.