0x Instant And ERC20 Game Tokens On Emoon

Mar 13 · 2 min read

The use of ERC20 tokens for the purpose of game play is a use case that continues to gain adoption and momentum:

At Emoon, we want to make peer-to-peer buying and selling of ERC20 game tokens simple, safe and friction-free. Gamers aren’t interested in orderbooks, candle sticks charts and the other accoutrements of decentralized exchanges. But they also don’t want to be ripped off. They want to get the best price for the tokens they need to play the games they want to play.

As such, Emoon has enabled the purchase of ERC20 game tokens — Enjin Coin, Abyss, God’s Unchained PASS tokens, Benzene, Dragon Series Token (for HyperDragons) and more — using 0x Instant.

Built by the industry leading blockchain team at 0x, 0x Instant is a sleek UI that solves many of the challenges of blockchain user experience. It has already been adopted by many of the marquee names in the Ethereum ecosystem including MyCrypto.com and Etherscan.

Bringing the 0x Instant user experience to game tokens allows users on Emoon to buy and sell ERC20 game tokens through a simple user interface.

Additionally, any website owner can bring the Emoon 0x Instant experience to their own site, simply embedding javascript and pulling the liquidity from the Emoon relay server. A website owner can even charge fees for orders filled on their site.

More on how to integrate 0x Instant using liquidity from Emoon can be found on the Emoon developers page. And, you can always provide liquidity by placing orders on Emoon for given assets.

We think integrating 0x Instant with the leading game tokens is a huge win for the crypto gaming community and the 0x ecosystem.


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Emoon is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling crypto assets realizing the vision of software that enables trustless, cross border exchange.

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