Emoon Launches Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Marketplace

May 14 · 2 min read

Emoon now supports buying and selling Ethereum Name Service (ENS) addresses from the permanent ENS registry. Give it a try today! https://www.emoon.io/category/ENS to browse listings and https://www.emoon.io/ENSconfirm to sell a name.

Browse ENS listings on Emoon

How It Works

Emoon is a p2p, decentralized marketplace, built using the underlying 0x protocol. Users that want to sell an ENS name on Emoon have two choices: they can create a “buy now” listing or an auction.

To create a buy now listing, go to https://www.emoon.io/ENSconfirm and enter the ENS domain that you own. If you think you own a name but it doesn’t register, it may mean you haven’t migrated your ENS name to the permanent registry — go here to learn how to do that.

Sellers can create a “buy now” listing or an auction.

Validate and Create A Listing

Buyers can browse listings and create bids in WETH, WBTC, DAI or any ERC721 asset supported by Emoon.

Bidding on an ENS name

Emoon uses the 0x Instant UX to faciliate a “buy now” listing.

Purchasing a “buy now” listing

— Emoon takes no fees from the buyer or seller

— Listing is free and costs no gas and happens off chain

— Names are never escrowed by Emoon; users maintain ownership of the name until it is sold, the listing is cancelled or it expires

— Bidding is free and costs no gas and happens off chain

— The underlying blockchain protocol used for the transfer of assets is the 0x protocol (https://0x.org)

Keep us posted on how things go using this new feature.


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