Emoon Market Lists 8 New Crypto Assets For Peer-To-Peer Exchange

As users seek out the privacy and security provided by the decentralized web (DWEB), innovators are creating crypto assets with associated utility to fulfill web3 use cases.

Centralized exchanges list some of these assets, but their services comes with the baggage of a custodial exchange: exposure to stolen funds, high fees and trust in a central service. Users want a peer-to-peer mechanism true to the tenets of the DWEB for exchanging their tokens, but the complexity of existing decentralized exchanges (DEX) remains a barrier to entry, closing the space to only dedicated and hardcore adopters.

Enter Emoon Market: an easy-to-use, peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto assets. To facilitate buyers and sellers coming together, Emoon makes available listings of crypto assets with a simple interface. Like Craigslist, users can post items for sale for free. When a buyer finds an item they want to purchase, the settlement happens on the Ethereum blockchain, from one wallet to another wallet using the 0x protocol, the industry standard for peer-to-peer exchange.

To meet the demand of companies and users seeking an an easy-to-use, peer-to-peer marketplace, Emoon has added eight new assets available to buy or sell: Benzene (BZN), Debris (DEBRIS), Dragon Series Token (DST), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Civic (CVC), Loom Token (LOOM), District0x (DNT) and 0x Protocol (ZRX). More on each of these tokens is listed below.

Launched in February 2018, Emoon has brokered thousands of transactions across dozens of different assets, including God’s Unchained PASS tokens and Dencentraland MANA. If you are interested in having your asset listed on Emoon, an application for submitting a new token can be found here.

New Game Tokens

Using an ERC20 token as an in game currency continues to gain traction. In the game token category, Emoon has three new listings:

Benzene (BZN)

Benzene is the in-game currency used for War Riders. War Riders is a virtual game that lets players customize their war vehicles which may be used to mine while attacking other users for the in-game currency, Benzene (BZN). Players can mine for BZN by driving through waypoints or shamelessly raiding other players. Players will be able to use BZN to buy weapons, and upgrade garages, as well as exchange these for cryptocurrencies such as ether, bitcoin, and more.

Debris (DEBRIS)

Debris is the in game currency for the CryptoGirl crypto collectible game. Apply Debris to Activation Incubators and players may get cryptogirls or items. Debris are purchasable at any time.

Dragon Series Token (DST)

Dragon Series Token is used as part of HyperDragons, a competitive fighting game powered by blockchain technology, While the game allows users to collect, breed, and trade digital dragons by generating smart contracts on blockchain, it emphasizes on fun and sustainable gameplay and opens up a fantastic battlefield on blockchain, giving players a hybrid experience of fun gaming and digital asset accumulation.

Utility Tokens

Coinbase has recently started listing several ERC20 tokens that have associated functionality. Their embrace of these tokens has inspired Emoon to expand its utility category, adding these tokens to its marketplace:

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The Basic Attention Token is the new token for the digital advertising industry.

Civic (CVC)

Civic is a secure identity platform — Through Civic’s decentralized architecture with the blockchain and biometrics on the mobile device, its platform provides multi-factor authentication without a username, password, third-party authenticator, or physical hardware token.

LoomToken (LOOM)

Loom Network is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) that allows Ethereum based Solidity applications to be run on main chain and on private, and semi public chains. The goal is to allow app developers to have smart contracts that can access more computing power when necessary, or the same computing at lower costs for tasks like free trials for onboarding new users or applications that doesn’t need the full security of the blockchain.

district0x Network Token (DNT)

District0x is a network of decentralized markets and communities. Create, operate, and govern. Powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS.

0x Protocol Token (ZRX)

0x is a protocol for trading tokens and can be used to charge a fee when using doing an atomic swap through its smart contracts.