4 Months at IBM, 300 commits, 4 Projects

IBM — Markham Design Studio

Not too long ago, I started working in IBM’s IoT team as a developer intern.

Since then, I’ve delivered 4 projects through various platforms (Web, iOS & Android)

2 of those platforms I absolutely knew nothing about, but I had to get real good real quick!

Let me give you a taste of what my internship’s been like

It’s been 4 months of doing very diverse work, and I gotta say, being a constant “change seeker” I like it.

I tried to learn, and work at the same time, so I had to be super productive, and on my game, and here’s what I learned about being all those things:

Always be Learnin’

As soon as you get an extra minute, put on a video tutorial

On my first day, I was handed the task to finish an iOS application for our Automotive Solutions.

Swift by Apple

I knew nothing about iOS, Swift or Objective-C; but I immediately started on some courses to quickly learn the fundamentals.

I watched 8 hours of content at work, and probably another 5–6 hours at home, and coded at the same time, and guess what, the next Monday I was coding for the actual project.

Same thing happened to me when I had to make the same app for Android last month. So I did the same, and today we’re ready to release the application.

Work Smart & Work Hard!

Some say that you need to work smart instead of working hard, but what if you do both?

For the past 4 months, I’ve perfectly managed my time and pushed myself to my maximum productivity (as of yet), and still worked a few extra hours a day losing some sleep.

As long as I feel good about what I do, the results will be positive; but if I feel tired, I have to take off, because then I’d just be counter productive, slow and not creative.

Always Have a Routine

Working so many hours a day can get tough, but it’s not anything you can’t fix with a little bit of doing something else that you also like.

Do specific tasks at specific times of the day, everyday!

No matter what I feel like, I always do two things on the side with my work, watch TV Shows and workout.

While I’m working, at least when I’m home, I always have a TV Show on playing in the background, doesn’t matter if it’s a new one or something I’ve seen 10 times, like Breaking Bad.

It gives me a lot of hype, and makes me go.

Also, I can’t end a day without a proper workout, helps me calm down and put an end to “Today”, go to bed and get ready for “Tomorrow”.

You’d probably want to consider something similar.

Set Goals!

When you wake up in the morning, set goals you want to achieve by the end of the day.

No matter how small, make them count.

Set hourly goals, weekly, monthly, hell even set yearly goals, they help you stay on top of things and feel like you’re making progress.

Time Management

Keep track of how much time you spend on doing things.

Learn how long it takes you to accomplish different tasks, remember them, and plan your days accordingly, so that you don’t run out of time.

It’s important that you stay motivated and not feel like you’re falling behind, or that you’re not good enough.


You can always push yourself further, and it might be just “Pushing” for a short while, but after that, you become that new person and it will feel natural. So why not?