The worth of music

Emotion Wave

How do you define the worth of a piece music that an artist has spent many hours creating? Who decides that the countless hours of enjoyment you get from listening to music equate to the infinitesimally small fractions of pennies the artist receives as recompense from streaming platforms? In fact, why does worth have to be measured by a monetary value at all? When you look around money is a poor indicator of worth by any standards, look at the richest people in the world — they’re not the worthiest. Maybe we should look at other forms of currency as a way of supporting artists.

Emotion Wave is essentially an informal cooperative of musicians, producers, photographers, designers and writers that come together every few weeks to celebrate the work we produce. Nobody makes money, we just about break even each time — yet we keep doing it. It’s that spirit of cooperation and support that holds it all together — so why not use this as currency?

Money is tight for lots of people, and there’s a lot of music about — so we’re going to start offering our friends the option to download releases in exchange for a positive action, something that takes some sort of time or effort, something of genuine worth that is a more accurate reflection of the worth of the artist’s efforts.

Emotion Wave

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A community of experimental electronic/instrumental musicians from Liverpool and beyond.

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