EMP and IPFS (Inter Planetary File System)

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Today, we introduce IPFS that EMP utilizes to overcome block capacity of blockchain.

Limitations of Block Storage in a Blockchain

All data in the blockchain is stored in a block. By distributing data in blocks of several nodes, we can secure data reliability.

EMP is also a media blockchain platform that stores data in blocks. All the various media content data is stored in a blockchain.

However, there is a limit to the amount of storage that can be stored in a single block. Blocks in the bitcoin have a capacity limit of 1MB against DDos attacks. On other platforms, the size of the block is not increased infinitely, because of the slow processing speed.

Then, how can we store various and large amounts of data in blocks?

IPFS (Inter Planetary File System)


When storing or querying objects such as photos, texts, images, etc., all data can be looked up as a hash of the file by using IPFS instead of using a specific server.

The basic idea is that when the browser wants to access a particular file, the whole network is saying, “Does anyone have a file with this hash?” , The other IPFS node will return the file.

IPFS uses the HTTP layer. However, the main difference between IPFS and HTTP is how to access the data. If the existing HTTP is accessed at the location where the data is stored, IPFS accesses the contents of the specific data. HTTP uses the address of the server to find the target content, but IPFS uses the hash of the file. Because it requests the entire network, IPFS can route faster than HTTP.

With IPFS, you can configure a blockchain to store and search large amounts of data.

For example, assume that A and B have the same files, and HTTP needs to access addresses A and B respectively. However, IPFS considers A and B files the same, and when someone requests a download, it simultaneously accesses A and B files and downloads each file simultaneously. At this time, the downloaded file is divided into small blocks, and the block fragments are divided into A and B.

You can think of it like Torrent. When a torrent wants to download new data, it will access several people who have the file and download the data from the people. Then divide the data and download the data divided from each user.

In this way, IPFS make it possible for people to access data containing the same content at the same time because it gives a hash to each piece of data based on the content of the data. That is, the same data has the same hash, and when we input the hash of the desired data, the data corresponding to the hash value is shown to us.

How IPFS Works from blog

EMP also uses the principle of IPFS to store hash values in blocks and store large amounts of data in separate nodes so that there is no problem in providing services with large amounts of media and data.

Do you need more information about IPFS?

IPFS is open source and can be installed by referring to https://docs.ipfs.io/ or refer to various documents. If you think about the limit of the block storage capacity, I would like you to consider IPFS.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to visit the EMP team through the telegram. We will continue to provide updates and progress in the community. Thank you for your interest and participation.

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