EMP EVE Token - Bounty & Air Drop Distribution

Dear EMP Community,

We are very pleased to announce that we open the EVE token distribution for you earned by helping us building this wonderful community. We appreciate for the participation of more than 100,000 people. We announce that EVE Token Bounty will be distributed from 2019.02.08 to 2019.02.28.

We are developing various services to use EMP in real life, and is pursuing a lot of cooperation projects. Therefore, please keep an eye on the growth of EMP in the future! We will keep you informed of the EMP News.

To receive your EVE Token, please fill out the Bounty & Air Drop Registration Form in “My Page” of Everymediaplatform.io. You MUST fill the registration form out including your wallet address, SNS you were active in, and your Bitcointalk ID.

< Token Distribution Schedule>

  1. Registration Period : February 8th, 2019 ~February 28th, 2019
  2. Lock-up Period : March 1st, 2019 ~ 6 months

<Already have an account of EMP>

  1. [Log In] to Everymediaplatform.io
  2. Click [Register Bounty & Air Drop] in [My Page]

<Not a user of EMP>

  1. Click [Register] on the right top of Everymediaplatform.io
  2. Log In
  3. Click [Register Bounty & Air Drop] in [My Page]

*EMP Bounty & Air Drop Campaign follow the Terms and Condition as below.

If you have any question about Bounty & Air Drop Campaign, please e-mail to contact@tjnt.org

Thank You.

EMP(Every Media blockchain Platform) is a fair ecosystem in which content producers, users, advertisers, developers and service operators all receive fair rewards depending on activity values. Kindly visit those websites through links below for your reference and further information.

Official Website: http://everymediaplatform.io/
Official Telegram:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:
Whitepaper & One pager:
Download from http://everymediaplatform.io/

Every Media blockchain Platform

Written by

EMP is a new media ecological public blockchain for unbundling BAADD media. (Official Web site is only www.everymediaplatform.io)

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