Introducing Concept & Features of EMP

Large portal and SNS media are not compensated properly for users who are true owners of information, although they generate tremendous revenue from the contents created by users and personal information.
EMP(Every Media blockchain Platform) is a fair ecosystem in which content producers, users, advertisers, developers and service operators all receive fair rewards depending on activity values.

How can I get a reward?

  • You can be rewarded with EVE or ADD coins when creating, commenting, recommending, sharing (contributing to advertising), and even if ‘my data’ is used statistically.

As the ADD coin is a stable coin, what is the price-stability coin and how is it used?

  • The ADD is a compensation coin of advertisement and data; the ADD also maintains low price volatility through Safe box which is a payment reserve function embedded in the platform.
  • As developed for calculations and value storage, the ADD coin is utilized in the advertising business within the platform.

Is EMP structured and politically decentralized?

  • All kinds of transactions such as creating, commenting, recommending, and sharing contents in EMP are stored in a blockchain, provided depending on a published rulebook.
  • Also, rules are managed within the self-regulatory organization. In order to maintain this decentralized and distributed structure, the block creator ‘witness’ will be elected through voting to realize a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

It is called a platform using DPoS and DAG technology, please explain about DPoS and DAG.

  • DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm that complements existing PoW and PoS limitations. EMP forms a healthy ecosystem through DPoS.
  • Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) method stores the transaction of the advertisement and cooperates with the smart contract of blockchain to convert value of the advertisement to coins.

For further details about our platform, please check out our whitepaper or telegram. We will do our best to create the ecosystem, Every Media Blockchain Platform, where every participant can be beneficial.

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