New Cooperation With Mobile Shopping App BB-Luck

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Exalab, the developer of the EMP project, proudly announces its new cooperation with BB-Luck, the online shopping mall in Korea.

From the cooperation with BB-Luck, users who have EVE Coin are able to purchase various products through BB-Luck online shopping mall.

Find out the details of the announcement from the article below:

The following is the full translation of the news article:

Eve Coin Cooperates With Mobile Shopping App BB-Luck

Eve Coin, developed by a blockchain company Exa Lab, cooperates with a marketing platform BB-Luck to target to be used in real life.

Exa Lab is a company that is based on researching and developing a platform of Blockchain service. Recently, It has signed a Super Nodes Contract with BTCC, The Global Crypto Currency Exchange in Hong Kong.

As a result, Exa Lab has been given the authority to recommend a crypto currency to list on BTCC with a priority, and has responsibility for the operation in Korea. BTCC, The World’s First Crypto Currency Exchange, opened in 2011 and was once called the Big Three with Huoobi and OKex.

In addition, Exa Lab has formed business agreements with OpenTrade, an investment-type Crowdfunding Platform, and various companies continuously. From the experience, Exa Lab is expanding the market where Cryptocurrency is being used. Cooperating with BB-Luck is one of the strategies to achieve the goal.

After 3 months of beta testing, the marketing platform BB-Luck is facing its grand opening at the end of June. It came up with a marketing strategy of combining shopping malls and coupons to stand out among other platforms.

From the strategy, we resolve the company’s difficulties and conduct global marketing. From the cooperation with Exa Lab, BB-Luck is planning to give Eve Coin instead of points, which were given to previous users. The company said, “Users with Eve Coin will be able to purchase various products through BB-Luck.”

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