New MOU is announced — another step toward the next level.

Dear EMP supporters,

Exalab, the developer of the EMP project, proudly announces its MOU with OpenTrade, the investment style crowdfunding platform.

Exalab and OpenTrade agreed with the fact that nurturing blockchain startups would be crucial for the growth of the entire industry — so they need to participate in finding good startups and conducting incubating programs for them.

This would be considered to be a strategic partnership between the two to contribute to the growth of the blockchain industry.

Find out the details of the announcement from the article below:

The following is the full translation of the news article:

November 28th, the blockchain-specialized company Exalab made an announcement of MOU with OpenTrade, the investment style crowdfunding platform, having discussion about the details of incubating and crowdfunding investment on blockchain startups.

With the MoU, the two companies agreed on making joint efforts on various things: finding and incubating outstanding blockchain startups, technical support and joint development on blockchain startups, incubating and cooperation of blockchain startups, and strategic cooperation to support blockchain startups with further investment.

Go Yong-Gi, CEO of OpenTrade, said “This MoU will bring good opportunities to review the specialty and expertise of blockchain startups in advance and ensure the credibility for investment via crowdfunding and stability after investment.”

Lee Jae-Hyun, CEO of Exalab, added that “It is important to find and incubate blockchain startups while giving technological support and incubating programs. This will help blockchain startups complete their crowdfunding projects successfully and grow further in the market.”

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to visit the EMP team through the telegram. We will continue to provide updates and progress in the community. Thank you for your interest and participation.

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