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Today, we introduce the article about ‘EMP and Public Blockchain’ by Park Joo-hyeong, CTO of EMP.

Expectations in Blockchain Technology

Advantages of blockchains such as security and decentralization are already well known. However, not all blockchains have these advantages. Depending on the various types, the advantages of a blockchain can be different.

First, let’s look at the Private blockchain. A private blockchain can be viewed as a blockchain that can only be used within the enterprise or within an authorized limited scope. In terms of distributing and storing data, you can think about availability first.

And you can see the expansion aspect of the service according to distributed storage. The advantage of the private blockchain is that it can take advantage of reliability and service integration by providing service as a single distributed ledger for distributed services.

Complementing the exclusive side of this private blockchain is the Consortium blockchain, which can be linked to various institutions.

Now, let’s look at the form of a Public blockchain, which is the most popular. A public blockchain is a blockchain in which everyone can be involved. Beyond the benefits of security and decentralization, we can achieve our goal of building an ecosystem. It is the merit of the public blockchain to be able to receive the rewards as many stakeholders have participated in, and to build up the ecosystem.

Media ecosystem and blockchain

Today, we have access to content through a variety of services. Relying on a platform provided by central service providers such as portal services, social network services, and individual media services. This means that the ecosystem for the production, distribution and reward of content depends on the central service provider.

Previous Media Ecosystem

A variety of industries can be composed of blockchains. EMP is a project that started in the media field to correct the scarcity.

The media ecosystem can also evolve into a better ecosystem through block chain, where everyone who participates is rewarded accordingly.
(※ ‘participate’ includes all aspects of content production and distribution, as well as related policies and operations.)

EMP engages users in the media ecosystem and provide transparent and fair rewards for participation. EMP wants to build such a media ecosystem that everyone can trust.

Public blockchain of EMP

Recent news content is increasingly distrustful due to biased and distorted content such as fake news and commentary manipulation.

EMP(Every Media blockchain Platform) Ecosystem

The objective of EMP project is to ensure the reliability of media content through the public blockchain and to create a media ecosystem in which everyone — from general users to small-scale content producers and large media companies — participate.

Everyone will be rewarded with the content provided and distributed through EMP, and the content provided will be appropriately evaluated for everyone. A small number of central service providers will not be able to make a decision, but everyone will be rewarded and valued with fairly distributed participation rights to all.

In addition, we are also preparing a roadmap to increase the profitability of content producers and distributors by further enhancing added value by linking with the advertising industry. This is because EMP is a public block chain.

With the emergence of EMP, everyone participates in a better media world.
Wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to it?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to visit the EMP team through the telegram. We will continue to provide updates and progress in the community. Thank you for your interest and participation.

EMP(Every Media blockchain Platform) is a fair ecosystem in which content producers, users, advertisers, developers and service operators all receive fair rewards depending on activity values. Kindly visit those websites through links below for your reference and further information.

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EMP is a new media ecological public blockchain for unbundling BAADD media. (Official Web site is only

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