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Exactly two weeks ago, the world saw the inauguration of a billionaire reality show star as the 45th President of the United States of America. I’m putting that as lightly as possible.

There used to be a time when Facebook was reserved to merely keep up with random updates from high school friends we haven’t spoken to in years, or when Twitter was used to announce insignificant details about our daily lives. There used to be a time when I would browse through my Facebook feed, scrolling over countless posts promising to donate X dollars for every share received. …

In Statistics, there’s an interesting concept called ‘Regression to the Mean’.

Let me explain: let’s say that we have a group of students who are asked to take two tests on two successive days. Naturally, there will be a proportion of students who will score high and a proportion who will score low on the first test. Now, when you administer the second test, you may find that the group of students who scored high on the first test may just end up scoring low on the second test and vice versa.

When all the events are put together, the…

I was curious on how much time we spend at work and decided to do some research. Someone calculated that if we work from the ages of 18–67 (40 hours a week), on average, we spend roughly more than 92,000 hours at work in our lifetime.

That’s an awfully large part of our time that we’re spending at work (not counting the work we have to do outside of the office, of course). Therefore, it stands to reason that we should make sure that we love our work and who we work for.

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So I just started a new internship with a new company today and one of the concepts that my supervisor brought up is called The Point of Minimal Return. She started off by telling us about one of the many flaws that many of us have (herself included): we are perfectionists. It’s a fatal flaw that doesn’t always work out (hence the flaw bit, right?) and it takes a special skill to maintain the balance between making someone as perfect as it can be and stepping back to say, “Okay, it’s time for me to let go now.” …

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