Air Connection


Anonymity from A to B unless there’s a tragedy
Which results in a fraternity

Perhaps a hero will arise who can offer hope
Or comfort

Why can’t it be me?
And why wait for a tragedy?

Amazing people sitting next to me
Beautiful, thoughtful, generous hearts

There’s intimacy in proximity
That sits between discomfort and desire

My mind craves connection, intimacy, love
Thousands of miles in the air

As close to Heaven as I’ll probably get
Soaring through clouds towering over smallness below

But grounded is where I ought to remain
Where true love awaits where my heart resides

Where every day there is a real touch, a real kiss, a reality
That makes these thoughts seem so trivial

And yet a gentle smile from a sweet stranger
Sparks a desire that lies dormant

To feel connected with so many
And yet we are simply floating by