Pushing out vibrations
Cascading waves interrupting the invisible air
Microscopic water bubbles popping in every direction
A glob appears as the intensity grows

If only the ground would shake
And the people around would stop
Oh my God this matters they think
Attention shifts, minds change, culture is created

Synapses spark within the folds of the brain
Energy zips down the spine, pulsating until they reach fingertips
Eyes consume billions of bits of information
Channeling whats inside to the outside

If only there was silence except for one voice
And all that mattered was the power of words
More than just inspiration, there is a common humanity
To consume, to connect, to cultivate

From this vessel arose creators throughout history
Of the curious, of thinkers, of leaders, of innovators
Of prophets, of conquerers, of rulers, of politicians
Artists for time to decide who is good or evil

I open my mouth, requesting my place among all
But all that matters is if you will listen

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