Sziget Festival | Case study

Picture from Sziget Festival 2019 ©


Sziget Festival takes place every year in august since 1993 on an island of Budapest. It’s known as the European Woodstock.


To create the website architecture, I needed to compare the last website and user expectations.


BEFORE state

The last edition website already offers a lot of basic and mandatory information. I choose to simplify it a bit but mostly kept the same organization.

DURING state

Here I added a gallery where users will find the photos from the festival sorted by day. If the user has an account and is connected he will access a section called “My experience” where he will find his schedule and tickets but also a live map of the festival.


BEFORE state

The userflow shows how the user can check the program and then buy a ticket.

DURING state

The userflow shows how the user can check and locate an activity and present his digital ticket.


Sziget Festival is known to be the island of freedom, fun and colorful. The idea was to keep the same feelings.

Style tile

For the UI components, I choose to keep it simple. There is a ton of information on this website so I preferred to set a clear display and avoid visual parasites. I kept the main colors of the festival the feelings I want to convey.


Mid-fi DURING state

In this wireflow, we can see how the user can find general info from the menu. Then by clicking “My experience”, he can check the next event he planned, locate it and access his ticket.

Hi-fi BEFORE state

Sample of the website pages on the desktop :

Hi-fi DURING state

Wireflow of the responsive pages on a mobile :


DURING state

And finally, here is the prototype :)

Next steps

It was really fun to work on this project and interesting to think and research about the kind of info users will need and when. I tried to make this website practical and interactive, like a tool that can follow you during all your festival experience.
For the next steps, I planned to work on the map and the localization display.
And I think I can make the event card better so I need to try other dispositions but first, of course, I need more tests to iterate well on this project.

UX/UI Designer