progress report — 1

IceAge Mom survived her first-ever post … and did not pass out from shock.

I resisted moving along into this millennium for quite a long time … I really liked a lot of things about the last one, thank you … but my dreams and visions seem to require the technology of this newfangled millennium, whether I like it or not. So here we are.

A part of what I intend to write here is very much about writing. When I was a little kid, I realized that I wanted to be defined by the term “Thinker”. OK … “writer” is close enough. I have always loved movies and stories about others who struggle with the written word ... and I have struggled to find a way that I like to write what I want to write.

Another part of what I hope for with this blog is to tell the story of The Grand Fraternal Order of others, Inc. … which is the mutual benefit nonprofit I founded with others in 2004. I have over 20 years of writings on this subject that I intend to draw on for this blog. Later.

Sorry, but I am still obsessing about the technology and the constraints of technology outpacing my personal income, and the so-far lack of funding for the organization itself … to be writing out (again) the details of how all that is designed is not on my list … yet.

I hope to set up one of those private realms I see on Medium … with topics you can follow above … and comments all showing. I dream of stimulating excited conversations on a variety of subjects that have been mostly ignored so far in Western Culture … and by extension … almost everywhere else.

I have 9 minutes left before I have to push “Publish” and leave this public computer … my own computer does not play well with this website. (digital divide!) And this time I spent a few moments looking for the typos I always insert when I am in a frantic rush, but writing anyway. There must be a way to make this work for readers … posting either every day or every other day … and I will consider it a wonderful privilege to be able to search for it.

See you around the web. :^)