Tips to consider while eating beef jerky in restaurants

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3 min readNov 13, 2019

For thousands of years, ancient man survived by eating jerky. From the early Incans and American Indians to people in most Asian countries, jerky was a mainstay in times of famine and during travel.

Beef and all meat lost its popularity for a few years when it was trendy not to eat meat, but people’s tastes are continuing to change. Because of jerky’s low fat, low carb, high protein content which closely matches many modern day diet trends it has become very trendy for people to eat beef jerky in Australia.

Now jerky has made a complete comeback and is now being made for a large variety of meat cuts from beef to fish and squid, it’s now even possible to get vegan varieties made from textured soy protein, complete with trendy flavours.

  • Home and Restaurant Style

While it’s possible to get your jerky from a lot of sources such as the local grocer or even fuel station, it’s important to know that the best types of jerky have a very short life span.

Most of the packaged jerky also comes complete with preservatives, artificial flavor and chemically dried, it is not the same as the traditionally made jerky that is basically healthy.

When you make your own jerky or eat the wholesome, organically grown, naturally fed, pasture raised jerky that’s properly prepared and served in quality restaurants you can see smell and taste the difference.

  • Ask the Waiting Staff

The cutting edge and top of the line restaurants and their chefs are making jerky and incorporating it into a whole range of interesting dishes from cocktails to desserts for their discerning customers.

Ask your waiter or waitress about their jerky dishes and if they make their own. Some establishments will make it while others will source the very best available jerky and will happily tell you where they get it because they pride themselves on providing only the best quality foods

  • Some Interesting Jerky Dishes

In House Cured Beef Jerky Australian Style

  1. This is made with strips of tender organic eye fillet that’s marinated for 24 hours,then dried in a dehydrator until firm
  2. Served with grilled tomatoes and fried golden onions

Aussie Squid Jerky

  1. Made from medium sized fresh squid tubes this savory squid jerky is best served with roasted sunflower seeds, fresh watermelon and lime juice for a refreshing and very different tropical taste

Homemade Chocolate Beef Jerky Cheesecake served with a Horseradish Dressing

A dessert using jerky, different and delicious, for those who seek something with a different taste sensation?

Jerky is in the cheesecake and also part of the garnish, a mixture of tangy, sweet and salty to give an enticing balance

Drovers Cocktail

Made with a smoky flavoured jerky and includes tequila, chili, ginger and lime for a fiery kick and a huge after taste, this phenomenal cocktail is not for the fainthearted

Eating beef jerky in an Australia restaurant is not as strange as it would have sounded a few years ago when it was considered a basic survival ration. Now it’s very trendy and worth asking your wait staff about where it comes from and how they prepare it in the dishes they serve.