The Empleos Management team (Ilia and Chan) had an opportunity to visit our Development center in New Delhi, India in late January. We have an amazing team of experienced developers with diverse skill set in Full stack development, Web Design and Database development. The team is led by our talented and driven Director of Engineering — Rohit.

Our development team is comprised of the following members:

  1. Kunal (Project Manager)
  2. Pulkit (Full stack dev)
  3. Arvind (Full stack dev + DB)
  4. Rishikesh (Lead Designer)
  5. Amit (Designer)

We had some good discussions around optimizing our code performance, migrating to another hosting provider to reduce hosting cost and improving the scraping logic. The conversation also touched on future improvements to the platform.

Here are some snaps from our meeting.

Ilia and Chan with Rohit is finally live. We did it. Without raising a single penny from the ICO market.

It took us less than 4 months from concept to development to launch.

How did we do it?

With our own bootstrap capital. And with an incredibly hard working development team.

Many ICOs have raised millions of dollars but nothing to show in return. But we on the other hand built a fully functional NEM Blockchain based HR Jobs Marketplace platform with limited capital and resources.

We’ve decided to cancel our Token sale due to extreme softness in the ICO market. Instead we decided to pursue our fund raising process through traditional financial means.

In the mean time we have developed the first version of our platform with Boostrap investment capital. We are launching the first version of our platform with complete Blockchain functionality on Dec 5th, 2018. is a new technology platform that brings Blockchain, Machine Learning and Rewards system into the online recruiting market. Our platform transforms traditional recruiting process into a decentralized blockchain environment. …

We are finally ready with a new updated version of our platform. We are still in beta but with more amazing features.

Please go to to sign up and test our platform. Employers get 15 FREE Tokens for Registration. And if you refer-a-friend you get additional 5 FREE tokens :)

Home page of Platform

Spoiler: is airdropping 100 PLEO tokens to 6500 users!

In addition to the previously announced features our team has added more features for both Employers and Candidates:

  1. New Candidate Home Page focused on Job Search

When a candidate logs in to the site they will see a list of available jobs. Now they can apply for a new job.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference (Tbilisi, Georgia) World Tour made its first international stop in Tbilisi, Georgia!

Tbilisi hosted Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Georgia for the first time. Our team officially introduced there project.

Chan, co-founder and CPO

Recently we have updated our whitepaper. Moreover, we translated it to Spanish and Russian languages to engage the wide audience.

So, what’s new in v.4.1 of our Whitepaper?

Token value and liquidity points:

★ High utility value

★ Self-sustainable due to growing market demand

★ Token mission is to become a standard means of payments on the Labour market

★ Leveraging NEM Blockchain features

★ Liquidity manageable by Empleos team

★ Risk management in all areas — tokenomics, security, technology and


The entire Business Model presented:

Candidate profile access: How it works

The cost of each employer’s request to a candidate profile on platform is 1 PLEO token.

The candidate receives 0.7 … platform gathers speed! Our developers’ team works on a bunch of new features for our beta version.

We are planning to end Phase 1 by the end of the next week instead of November (that is how we previously planned). So, we are way ahead of our plans!

To cut it in short, these features you’ll be able to test drive next week at

  1. Home page — Candidate view will be added.
  2. Job Post — Employers will be able to post a new job and manage multiple jobs in their account.
  3. Job Search — Candidates will be able…

First a little background.

We have long thought about using blockchain in building a Jobs Marketplace that benefits both Employers and Candidates. We don’t want to use Blockchain just for the sake of it. It has to solve a problem.

And what is the problem we are solving? We want to cut out of the middleman? Do we want to make the hiring process really easy and cheap for Employers (compared to models like Upwork or Indeed)? … developers team is actively working on the Blockchain powered Jobs Marketplace platform.

So far we released out Beta version of the platform and presented it for public testing.
Now you can see what we have done at We officially kicked off User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on Sep 15, 2018.

As part of the UAT process we are actively engaging real life users (employers and job candidates) who will test the different components of our Blockchain based employment platform.

Currently our developers team is also conducting some stress testing on both platform and the NEM Blockchain network.

The… introduces the first stage of our Bounty Program!

At the first stage all Bounty Hunters will receive rewards in PLEO tokens for activities in social media channels and Bitcointalk:

► commenting;

► sharing;

► leaving reviews;

► following;

► mentioning and other.

Most activities will be reviewed by our team manually and applying certain quality rules. For example, we’ll grade original Facebook posts using the following guidelines:

1. Good Quality (original content, no info copy/paste) = 8 PLEO

2. Excellent Quality (original thought, no copy/paste of info, must get 5+ likes) = 20 PLEO

3. Outstanding Quality (must…

Empleos IO

EMPLEOS.IO - the new Blockchain and Machine Learning powered platform disrupting online recruiting market: no middlemen, just job seekers and employers!

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