Why Candidates And Employers Use Employ-direct?

Are you getting super-excited while searching for a new job? Do you want to search for jobs according to your choice, but in a very convenient and organized way? And also you want best candidate for your company?Well, what else can be better than Employ-direct?But main question is why candidates and employers use employ-direct?Ans is below.

At Employ-Direct, we take the work out of finding your ideal job or employee.Applying big data and algorithm technology, our interactive online service bypasses the need for expensive, and ultimately subjective, recruitment services.We provide a reliable, efficient and transparent method of matching a global pool of recruiters and compatible candidates, at a fraction of traditional recruitment cost.

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  1. Create/Edit Profile Information
  2. Post Job vacancies.
  3. Browse Candidates.
  4. Select Employee as per requirement match.

Online recruitment:
 It is the charisma of online recruitment that you can search for job twenty four hours a day. The real-time interaction of employers with employees. The recruiters and employers can easily access to the jobseekers, and job seekers can easily find the jobs as well as recruiters on these career sites. Candidates can upload their resume on this sites and their resume goes public immediately.


  1. Search preferred job as per his area of interest.
  2. Apply for a job
  3. Browse Categories of related fields.
  4. Browse Companies.
  5. Job Alerts.
  6. Bookmark Job
  7. EDIT information and update CV.

Broadened The Scope For Candidates and Employers:

This online recruitment sites has broadened the scope for candidates, now they can easily access the jobs and contact the employers at the same time. Through these sites they learned about the companies, locations they don’t know before. Moreover they come to know what the industrial trend of the specific field is, what are the skills an employer is expecting from the person of his caliber? and what his career level is. Through Employ-direct you can apply for those vacancies which have not been published in newspaper.

Employ-direct Purpose:Employ-direct tends to replace the existing manual system for the recruitment process which is a time consuming, less interactive and highly expensive.

The main features of Employ-direct will be creating vacancies, storing Applicant data, Interview process initiation for the applicant and finally Hiring of the applicant.

There’s no denying that Employ-direct have made life easier for job seekers. You have 24/7 access to vacancies across industries, functions, levels and geographies at the click of a button. Advanced search capabilities make it easier to find, browse and narrow in on relevant vacancies. Just think of how many hours (probably days) you would have to spend on newspapers, advertisements, cold calls and walk-ins to get access to and shortlist from such a vast variety of vacancies offline!