Ken Chan
Ken Chan
Jan 10 · 1 min read

Bill, thanks very much for reviewing the article and giving your valuable feedback. Let’s talk about your first point, that LinkedIn might DOUBLE count when a person enrolled in both Harvard University and e.g. Harvard Business School.

I am not very sure about LI’s calculation mechanism or how it derives the search results. But after a few search tests there seems no double counting at all. It is because I try to search “Ken Chan” with school “University of Hong Kong” and company “Personnel Screening Helpdesk Limited”. There is only 1 search result as expected. I also take the liberty of searching “Bill Kutik” with school “Harvard University” and company “Firing Line with Bill Kutik(R)”. There is also 1 search result (instead of being counted as 2 profiles).

For the second point which relates to definition of the word “alumni”, it is absolutely correct. We have made a note about it in the article.

Ken Chan

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Ken Chan

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