Tax Problems — Tax Relief is possible

If you’re behind with the IRS, or with your state or local taxes because you either didn’t file your taxes, didn’t file them on time, or filed them but never paid your full tax bill, you’ll want to get caught up as soon as possible. Taxes owed accrue penalties and interest, which can add up to a substantial amount given enough of a delay. The longer you wait to settle your bill the larger your bill can grow.

At Tax Hardship Center, we work with people all the time to help them file previous years tax returns and get their debt paid off. We can help you, too.

Initial Consultation

We first discuss your tax liabilities and your current financial situation. This initial consultation is free, and there’s no obligation. Owing back taxes is stressful, and we want to make you as comfortable as possible.

Thorough Investigation

Once we understand your position and the circumstances behind your back tax issues, we’ll research your options and the applicable rules that govern your situation. Whether you owe federal, state or local taxes, we can craft an effective plan to get you back on track.

Positive Resolution

Not only can we help you complete your delinquent returns, but we’ll also make certain they’re submitted properly, check to make sure they’re received, and work with all the necessary tax authorities on your behalf so that you can get your tax bill satisfied.

How Far Back Could I Owe?

The IRS is prevented by statute from collecting back taxes that are older than ten years. However, they can be quite aggressive about collecting the taxes they’re allowed, so it’s best to get back taxes paid as quickly as possible. You have three years from the due date to file delinquent returns, but you ought not to wait that long.



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