We’ve been heads-down over the past year, working hard developing a revolutionary new approach to state & local candidate training: holistically focused on candidates’ running successfully and governing effectively; leading with values-based communication while supporting evidence-based governance; addressing candidates’ challenges while they focus on their constituents’ needs; deep, accessible, and scalable. We’ve built a lot, but have so much more to do. Here are our 2018 highlights and our 2019 plan…

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2018: Bootstrapped success, Ready to scale

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We’ve built a sweet boat with a lot of space to grow!

In our brief existence, we’ve accomplished a lot on a shoestring. We’ve built our organization, received 501(c)(3) status, developed our training infrastructure, honed our training model, and supported multiple cohorts of candidates. …

#effectivegovernance comes from #thoughtfulleaders who are empoweredto.run

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Our Founding Story

What we do

We train thoughtful leaders everywhere to run for office successfully and govern effectively.

Why we do it

We wish to see American politics rooted in civic engagement and responsive, evidence-based policymaking - the foundation of effective governance. …

Today is one month after Election Day - the votes have been counted, the races certified, and the narratives solidified. We’ve been pouring over all of the analyses done (most focused on the “R vs D” competition) to draw relevant insights about the context in which new candidates may run. Below are a few we have come to.

The Narrative

The popular question going into the Election Day was, will there be a “blue wave”? On Election Day, Democrats looked like they had picked up ~30 seats in the U.S. House, which seemed modest (a “blue ripple”) compared to expectations. But as the votes continued to be counted over the following weeks, there was a constant drumbeat of close House races called for Democrats, netting an additional ~10 seats, and talk shifted into “blue wave” territory. …


Empowered To Run

Empowering thoughtful leaders everywhere to run for office successfully and govern effectively. Want to help? hello @ empoweredto.run

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