#MABT2018 Day 27

Apr 22, 2018 · 3 min read

The caravan marched through the Palamu District of Jharkhand on its 27th day of the march. All government bodies related with protection and welfare of children were approached, and people from different bodies came forward to discuss the issue of Bride trafficking and the issue related with working on combating it on ground. We also met the Teachers’ Union and sensitised them on trafficking and discussed with them various issues and also learnt things from their perspective.


All the officials that are concerned with the protection of children and also are responsible for running welfare schemes gathered at Jila Viklang Avasiya Vidyalaya, in District Headquarters of Palamu District, Jharkhand. The talk about re-trafficking in lack of rehabilitation was of major focus in this discussion. It was argued that the rate of re-trafficking in India is about 66% of total cases, according to government data.

Protection Officer (Non Institutional Care), Member of Child Welfare Committee and member of DALSA sat down with us in this meeting.

(Many officials couldn’t make it to the meeting as they were on election duty. Election results were due on this day.)

With the Officials of District Palamu.

WIth the CWC member.

Several cases of trafficked children were shared during the discussion. The complete details of the cases will be shared as and when possible. EP had decided to take up the cases and pursue them. The officials also felt the need to come on a common platform with us and work for the people who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of the Government schemes and services.

Meeting with J.P. Sikshak Sangh:

We also took the opportunity to meet people from Jharkhand Prarambhik Sikshak Sangh. We had an interaction with the Vice President of Jharkhand Prarambhik Sikshak Sangh, And the District Vice President Mr Anil Kushwaha and other members. Various issues and our approach aimed at addressing trafficking by forming informal anti-trafficking groups were discussed during the discussion.

We stand Against Bride Trafficking.

Daltonganj departed us with love and warmth.

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