#MABT2018 Day 30

Apr 25, 2018 · 3 min read

The Giridih District of Jharkhand was traversed on the 30th day of March Against Bride Trafficking 2018. Interaction with officials concerned took place in the first half while in the second half a very lively interaction with the students of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Avasiya Vidyalay took place.


  1. After marching a distance of 150 kms the caravan entered the DC office Giridih where a meeting with the Special Juvenile Police Unit, Anti Human Trafficking Unit, Child Welfare Committee, District Child Protection Unit and Child Welfare Police Unit took place. The Deputy Superintendent of Police and other officers sat down with us and discussed regarding filling the gaps and connecting all the departments well so that the benefits could reach the beneficiaries of the schemes and on a whole beneficiaries of the democracy. The DCPO spoke about how his office can provide support in prevention of trafficking and how the office of DSWO can collaborate in rehabilitating the survivors. CWC member spoke about various schemes that run in Jharkhand to look after the welfare of the children.

All offices related with ‘child welfare and protection’ on one platform.

Putting forth the challenges faced by police officials in addressing cases of Trafficking.

Interaction with students:

In the second half of the day the caravan met the students of the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Avasiya Vidyalaya, Giridih. The students were sensitized on preventing themselves from being lured by traffickers. Also they were made aware about forced marriages and how these can lead to trafficking. Students were also made aware of their rights as children and how they can prevent or report any violation.

The District Child Protection Officer also spoke with the children of his district and sensitised them on how the office of the DCPO is responsible for looking after the protection of children. Also when and how the students can approach the office of DCPU was talked about in detail.

The DCPO thanked us for being a medium to connect him to children.

“Like Smallpox was combated through government effort, trafficking can also be curbed.”

“That education can strengthen the society and the girl child against getting lured by traffickers.”

Sensitising the staff.

Off to the next District. Thanks to the DCPO for coordinating everything so well in his district.

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