#MABT2018 Day 33

Apr 30, 2018 · 3 min read

On day 33 the caravan marched through Gaya District of Bihar. The day shaped itself through sensitisation session with teachers of Sherghati Division, a visit from the SHO Aamas and community interaction in local market. Continuing the day 33, we visited the Lord Buddha Academy in the morning the next day, and did sensitisation and awareness program and organised a small workshop with girl-students studying in 6th to 10th standard, for enabling them to prevent themselves from trafficking and other forms of violence.


Sensitising the teachers and lecturers of Sherghati division in Gaya District of Bihar.

The SDO Sherghati explains the phenomenon of Bride Trafficking to the lecturers and teachers of his Subdivision.

The SHO of Aamas, Police Station visited us and we sat with him to understand various challenges he and his colleagues face while addressing cases of trafficking. He shared with us that it is very easy for the trafficker to win the confidence of a girl by doing a mobile recharge in her favour, and then the trafficker approaches her so much and so many times that it becomes difficult to get out of that trap.

Strengthening the mechanism from the root.

Continuing the 33rd day we interacted with the students of The Lord Buddha Academy and sensitised them on the mechanism that the state has developed for their protection and how they can approach and avail it. This interaction was followed by a question-hour session. We also did a small workshop with the girl-students of 6th-10th standard.

We also sat with the teachers and staff and sensitised them on how they can perform their role in preventing children against violence and trafficking.

Protect yourself through the mechanism developed by the State.

Their voice.

A small workshop with the girl-students of 6th-10th standard.

The girl-students and female-teachers were sensitised in this workshop.

After doing this workshop we marched to the Nalanda District of Bihar to meet the Police Officials and other concerned officials responsible for protection of children.

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