#MABT2018 Day29

Apr 25, 2018 · 3 min read

The 29th day of the march was invested in Hazaribagh District of Jharkhand. The day shaped itself through meetings with officials concerned with protection and welfare of children, community meeting and an interaction with children and students studying in primary standard.


  1. In the first half of the day the meeting with the officials looking after Special Juvenile Police Unit, Anti Human Trafficking Unit, Child Welfare Committee, District Child Protection Unit and Child Welfare Police Unit. The Deputy Superintendent of Police presided over the meeting while the 2nd officers and other police officers expressed the various difficulties felt by them while addressing the cases of trafficking. Various concerns regarding the collaboration of the office of the DCPO and CWPO were raised. Also the office of DSWO came forward to discuss various issues and participated through discussion in finding an approach that can bridge the various gaps in the system.

Introductory talk to establish the discussion on Bride Trafficking and the the role of Government Bodies.

Interacting directly with the police officers who work on field.

A Police Officer sharing her experience of handling cases of trafficking and the problems faced.

A police officer shares references from a case he had addressed.

2. A small community meeting with some natives who are actively working to make change took place. It was chiefly discussed in the meeting that how can people working on social causes in different spheres and different demographics come together to work on the issue of trafficking and other issues that lead to trafficking. That the menace of Bride Trafficking can only be curbed if people from different spheres join to work on the cause was emphasised.

A small community interaction hosted by one of the natives at his residence.

3. After the community meeting an interaction with Children who are being taught by Rahmat e Mustafa Social Welfare Trust took place. It was a very cheerful interaction as children from the age of 3 to 10 were present. The children were sensitised on who should they approach in case of trouble. Also a gradual question answer session took place with very interesting answers from the children.

The link to the facebook video of this event is https://www.facebook.com/empowerpeople.in/videos/10156419554417009/

Getting acquainted.

They knew the answer to something. Both of them.

A still from the classroom.

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