#MABT2018 Day34

Apr 30, 2018 · 2 min read

On the 34th day the Nawada District of Bihar was traversed by the caravan. We did a very interactive meeting the officials in which so many aspects of the issue were explored and discussed. The police officials opened up about their challenges and limitations with great detail. The CWC member and the Child Protection Officer for Non-Institutional Care attended this meeting. The police officials also rose their concerns with the Child protection unit and Child Welfare Committee seeking a solution for bridging the gaps while we played the role of the medium joining them.

Listening to their limitations and creating opportunities for filling the gaps.

A police official sharing experience and challenges faced.

Another officials sharing his experience of working on cases of trafficking and the limitations.

Suggesting alternatives.

Social activists working on child rights and other social issues were also present in this meeting and took active part in understanding the problem and finding the solutions to it.

Social activist sharing field-challenges.

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