An Open Letter to Thomas Cox
Zak Cole


Thanks for all your interest in EOS! It is obvious you are extremely attracted to Technology and have A LOT of questions.

To be honest, all your repetitive “questions” or “evidence” above may have just come across as a lazy dev or harassment to these busy guys. This is coming from the fact that many, others not employed by B1 have been able to “figure it out” asking questions in the EOS Devs TG group and deploy dApps already using what is out there and each other’s knowledge/experience.

So, successful at building on EOSio that EOS has led in the most blocks produced on by a BLOCKCHAIN for a while now, since only launching in June, in fact.

I heard you just can't seem to find EOS Developer Resources, so I just googled this….

It should help you and Whiteblock get started on EOS.

Also, your snip at the Hackathon not welcoming you to mentor, just does not makes sense and makes this whole thing look like a PR stunt.

Can you explain why you hate on EOS but want to mentor their events, this just sounds not sane. Explanation?