A Post I’m Quite Sure Few Will Read, But That’s Not The Point
Enrique Fiallo

This made my heart burst with emotions and feels. Something that doesn’t happen often, and admitting it even less so 🙂

I am glad I stumbled upon you over at LinkedIn. It’s great to see someone so aware of the brilliance that other people bring to our lives. I have chronic illnesses and am waiting for back surgery so although our beasts are different, your triumph inspires me. My nephrologists rheumatologist superhero doc said my lab work is boring right now 😂 I love docs who use a bit of humor while also getting straight to the point. It is one of quite a few qualities I am determined to have as a doctor.

Anyway, I want to go read more of your work so i will wrap this up! Thank you. For sharing your writing and your heart. As with your demands for 2018, I am demanding from myself more writing!

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