Augmented Reality

What is augmented Reality?

The integration of real-time information with the digital information to give the user an illusionary experience is known as Augmented Reality application. When virtual reality takes the person to a completely different environment, AR adds something to the real world and gives the user an illusionary world. It is the clubbing of real-world objects with virtual objects.

AR provides an enhanced view of the real life using computer generated video, 3D models, dynamic web content. Augmented reality mostly comes in the form of augmented reality apps. The technology also uses a platform such as the web. In any manner the benefits of AR includes:

· Augmented reality facilitates more engagement and interaction and provides rich user experience.

· The technology increases the brand value of the product.

· Conveys more innovation and responsiveness from outside brands if your application is implemented well in terms of AR.

· Hugely accessible to largely growing smartphone market.

· Augmented reality apps can be used as an alternative to other media platforms. So it avoids the purchase of costly mediums.

· The access which Augmented Reality provides helps brands to have detailed information about the audience.

Augmented Reality Application in Different Industries

Augmented Reality is not confined to any single one. It almost embraces every industry. Any sector where the augmented reality apps or web applications applied yields a good deal of results. The major industries where AR applied include:

Construction Industry

Construction industry utilises the Augmented Reality (AR) in the form of 3D objects. Various Augmented reality apps can be used to visualize geo-referenced models of construction sites, underground structures, cables and pipes using mobile devices. Augmented Reality applications also help construction managers while going for client interactions, to solve on-site construction challenges and to enhance promotional materials.


Augmented Reality helps the customer to identify what inside a project even without opening the package. As the e-commerce is done through an online platform, this feature becomes useful. It can be used as an aid in selecting the products from a cat log or kiosk. It is used to integrate print and video marketing. It is an effective promotional tool. For this purpose, we can use effective augmented reality apps.

Video Games

Augmented reality opens new ways for gaming. It helps video game players to experience digital game play in real world environment. The latest game Pokemon Go is an example of how AR becomes useful for the gamers. The success of the game not only indicates opportunities of AR but also the possibilities it opens to future too.


Augmented Reality can be used s simulation tool which helps the professionals in the medical field to visualise things which are difficult to do in the practical situation. The near-infrared vein finder which is used to locate vein is an example for this. AR can also be used for teaching human parts which are difficult to demonstrate in real life. Many Augmented reality apps are there to provide exceptional visual experience in medical field.

Office Workplace

The distributed team members can collaborate with each other for sharing information, discussion using an effectively augmented technology application. It includes brainstorming and discussion meetings using visualization tools such as interactive whiteboards, touch screen tables, shared design spaces etc.

The application of AR is not confined to these five industries. These are just examples of how AR impacting some of the commonly known industries. The opportunities of AR are endless.

Augmented Reality