In Your Embrace

When I am with you my love

Your feminine sway captivates me

Your milky skin draws me in

Reminding me of me

Out on the street

The late afternoon traffic anonymously speeds by

Oblivious to the genitals that lie hidden beneath my coat

It is only the young wannabe pimp

in his bubble coat and ivy league tongue

who calls out my coochie

“I know what You are!”

“What do you know?”

“If this was a business transaction.

If we were alone, I would still bend you over.”

“I'm not a streetwalker.”

“Oh, but baby you're looking fine. You got all the right curves.”

But You see me.

I am not your auto-erotic prop.

We are two souls traveling the same road

In Cottonwood, AL people would say

We were two men lying together

But they've never tasted you,

They've never breathed in the bouquet

of your clean skin.

Wrapped in your legs

Our bodies like one

My body and my cookie are yours and yours alone

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