I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

Your entire argument is riddled with subjective assumptions and literally sides with the patriarchy against trans women. You assume that your experience of being a woman is the only valid one. No two (cis) women’s experiences of womanhood are exactly the same. So why should a trans woman’s experience of womanhood be less valid? You assume that all trans women are Caitlyn Jenners. But the reality is most trans women have been bullied and verbally and emotionally abused by those around them for most of their lives. They are humiliated and degraded for being less than men as often as women are fat or slut shamed. Then if a trans woman dares to transition she faces a concerted effort by family, community and strangers through insults and threats of violence or ostracism to defend the patriarchy. A trans woman in transition is criticized for both simultaneously being less than a man and less than a woman. Once she gets to a level of familiarity and/or blending (which is itself problematic) then the misogynist insults change to catcalls, endless dick pics, being ignored and talked over, sexualized at every turn, fat shamed, tall shamed, sexually harassed, enhanced danger, and on and on. Frankly nearly everything a female born with a uterus experiences from childhood on, a female born without a uterus also experiences. The Only difference is that monthly cycle. So you bleed once a month and I don’t, so what! I get crazy debilitating cramps, nausea, headaches and fatigue three to five days a month, and my neo-vagina oozes from time to time. You act like you and all other “cis” women have a corner on the market. When, it appears that you and the other trans exclusionary feminists have absolutely no concept of what we go through as women and how much our narratives are the same as yours.

I don’t fault you for not wanting to see a penis in a gendered space. Frankly I don’t want to see one either. However, it’s more about a lack of class, a lack of modesty, and a need to be “in your face” on the part of the woman with a penis, than it is an issue with trans women in female spaces. Most trans women exhibit modesty on par with cis women, and therefore, have no desire to display their genitals to anyone at any time. The few who engage in militant statements might be the issue if they weren’t intentionally challenging the patriarchy.

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