hmm. I’ve noticed something strange: the frequency at which commenters include the authors name…

I used her name in a comment I made on the article she wrote about Ryan Lochte. I did it because she asked the laziest question all lazy journalists ask in 2016: would Lochte & friends have been treated differently if they were brown?

I didn’t use her name there because she’s a girl. I did it to call her out because that question is so stupid, and it had nothing whatever to do with the thrust of the story she was writing. I found it to be a pandering, unimaginative, and ultimately lazy way to try and inject a “hot take” narrative where it didn’t belong.

Your observation is an interesting one, though, and perhaps you’ve stumbled onto a kernel of truth. But I read Ms. McNear’s articles regularly (I read most of the articles on The Ringer) and my humble opinion is that she is nothing special as a journalist. She may become one yet, as she gets older and writes more, but not yet.

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