In a weird way, their incompetence is reassuring; I don’t know if they will actually be able to…
John Woke

Interesting theory…the fuck ups cancel each other out. I like where you’re going with this, and if I prayed I would totally pray that you are right.

Then again, if we are to assume their incompetence is total, then they would fail at fucking up only if they were trying to fuck up on purpose. When they try NOT to fuck up, they fuck that up instead. Or just when they try to do anything they think is a good idea.

William S. Burroughs sums it all up well: 
“Avoid fuck-ups. Fools, I call them. You all know the type — no matter how good it sounds, everything they have anything to do with turns into a disaster. Trouble for themselves and everyone connected with them.
A fool is bad news, and it rubs off — don’t let it rub off on you.”