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Offensive comedy is never outdated. It seems that the majority of people these days have turned into emotional little pussies, so we have all this fake outrage at everything. Not sure we can pin this entirely on Milennials, it seems to have swallowed up most people. The real problem is that everyone stands in front of the same microphone and shouts into the wind, as if anyone else cares what they think.

College campuses haven’t been a great place for comedians for quite a while. They are filled with young people with no experience who have been exposed to a lot of new ideas, and who are looking for a reason to get upset. And absent any real reason to get upset, they will overanalyze and overreact to every little thing they disagree with. It was that way when I was in school, and evidently it still is. It’s part of growing up to realize when you turn 40 that when you were 20, you were a stupid asshole. How can we grow otherwise? I suspect it’s been this way forever.

So that may explain it, at least in my mind, but I REALLY wish everyone would lighten the fuck up.

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