gotta love how transparent your hatred is. Did you agree that Hillary’s tech-phobia was an issue?

“This is bigger than Watergate. This is bigger than Watergate. In my opinion. This is bigger than Watergate.”
 — Donald Trump, campaign rally, Oct. 28

He was talking about Hillary Clinton’s private email server. I agree with you that not everything is Watergate, and I don’t need “-gate” tacked onto everything, either.

Ask yourself this, though: is disagreement always “hate?” The way the world uses that word now, it has no meaning any more. If there’s anything I hate, personally, it’s uninformed, loudmouth internet pussy bullies. Not people who write articles I disagree with.

I think I can sum this up for a lot of people: We all want what’s best for the country. We do disagree on how to do it, at least on certain topics. Trump, in his own way, probably thinks he’s helping the country. Many of us disagree, and think he’s doing a horrible job based upon, you know, all the facts that have happened so far.

Reporting on those facts is not “fake news,” neither is it “hate” toward Trump (and by extension, you and others who like him). It’s a fact that Kellyanne Conway lies. It’s a fact that Flynn, Trump, and others have been lying to VP Pence for at least two weeks about Flynn’s ties to Russia. There is a fucking Russian spy ship sitting off the coast of Connecticut near a naval base RIGHT NOW. This is what journalists call “smoke,” so they will now look for the fire.

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