I take great content in your comment — as it stands as an admission of sorts, that what was hoped…
Keegan Wholesaler

Well, trying to find any website that is unbiased is a fool’s errand. I don’t think The Ringer is spreading fake news, I just think most of the writers are very young and don’t have a lot of life experience.

I do agree that the site is a little weird. Half of the articles are clickbait-y hot takes on Milennial pursuits like gaming and TV shows, while the other half tackle some more real-world issues. Some Grantland holdovers still do some great writing here, you just have to wade through the Shea Serrano forced-funnies, the Game of Thrones worship, and all the other fluff to get there.

That’s my hot take — The Ringer isn’t a fake news site, it just needs to grow up. There are a lot of Millennial dilettantes cranking out what they probably think are “adult” articles and failing badly. There are also some good writers here, even a few young ones on the way up, but it is definitely no Grantland.