Two Wheeled Escape Artist

If you know me by now you know that I pick up a new hobby or activity as often as Trump tweets about Hillary. I don’t have consistent criteria by which I stress test for new hobbies but I try to optimize for a few notions and angles.

I seek out hobbies that are either physically or mentally challenging. I try to imbue an underdog sensation in myself in order to prove (to myself) that I can accomplish these hobbies at a high level, however, amidst that level of vulnerability I seek out the community for which the hobby is centric. The community portion holds a level of accountability above my head.

*Bonus points* — Ensure that it’s considered abnormal in the minds of the majority…

Other hobbies that have fallen into this forum are things like blogging, swimming, yoga, meditating, studying hebrew / torah, kayaking, snowboarding, investing and likely many more that will come to me soon. In all my endeavors, I make them public and typically try to capture the external feedback loop associated with putting yourself out there.

I love documenting things. I’m adamant about taking pictures because I’m a visual learner with a soft spot for nostalgia. I over produce on Snapchat and Instagram because I love chronological story telling and use these platforms to capture the progression of my unusual days. I believe my life is a scrap book and I need to fill up the pages with the images and memories of my life and periodically revisit each chapter.

I’ll let the rest of this post be more of a photo-log than anything else of one of my newfound hobbies — long distance cycling:

My friend Alex and I biked +100 miles from the start of Long Island to Montauk (the eastern most part of the Hamptons). (4/17–4/18).
Lots of morning rides and morning selfies!
While at a conference in San Diego, I rented a bike and headed down to touch the Mexican border (6/17)
I rode with the Rapha Cycling club up through the Palisades and River Rock (6/23)
Thought it was really intelligent to bike in 20 degree weather for 3 hours wearing ski goggles! One of many nose bleeds from the experience…
Alex, my biker gang partner in crime, and I biked through the snow to hastings-on-the-hudson — 4/1
Biking Takes you to some pretty magical places…
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