Your idea is remarkable.
mehmet köse

Thank you Mehmet for sharing your insightful comment.

This application is, indeed, not intended to be a replacement of Google in any way. Challenging Google just makes it funny and easy to convey the idea. This is why I tried to copy the design of Google. I must admit that even copycatting of it was very hard.

As for the test query you showed, the important point from that result is the resulting item has an absolute similarity score of 5%. Returning absolute similarity score is also another feature that no other search engine including Google does. The intended final implementation is to filter out only those results having absolute score greater than a particular threasold, say 70%.

It is a research project for the moment and is a just a test bed of it. The final application will be published on which will be a website to search from a database of illegal entities. The target audience will be primarily small banks and hotels.

Again thank you for your insightful comments and feedback.