This is how Google will collapse
Daniel Colin James

I think we shouldn’t criticise innovative companies -like Google, Amazon or whatever- by only thinking that how they will be making money. Google has the most important thing to be innovative and productive; the information. They made a cleverly investment for future by storing all of our internet experiences. And now they can use that for new innovations. We can not compare Google with Nokia’s situation by the way. Nokia were making only one product: Cellphones. They couldn’t catch up the trends in the market and they’ve failed. Google is developing different products and still every single internet user using their products actively and they will do in the future too. Well, you can see that’s another story.

One more thing, Amazon made a good start with Alexa. However, this virtual assistant idea has been discussed for several years and I think we have not come to the end. Alexa still has some shortcomings. It’s not global yet, you can not say it’s useful and working 100% properly in any other countries except US. I think this “Virtual Assistant Wars” will be continued, and Google will be one of the important actors of this movie.

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